Why is ChatGPT Dumb? Should You Write Articles With ChatGPT or AI

Why is ChatGPT Dumb?

AI is getting bigger and bigger every day. Everyone is starting to use it in their daily life. AI, such as ChatGPT, is very powerful, but it’s predictable and dumb. Hold on! Let me elaborate on it.

AI was and still is being created based on pre-existing data. So, as long as you ask AI about math problems or any other historical events, it will output the most accurate result (sometimes*). But there is a catch,

“To get the most accurate result from an AI, you need to ask it correctly, known as prompt.”

Why is ChatGPT Dumb?

ChatGPT does not understand everything that you are saying to it. To make it easier to understand, think ChatGP is like a calculator. You ask a calculator what 2+2 is, and it will tell you it’s 4. And that’s correct. A calculator can do that because it was programmed to do it.

Just like that, ChatGPT was programmed to answer your questions. It’s more powerful than a calculator but still has limitations.

Case Study

ChatGPT can* solve the hardest math problems, but it’s not creative. You can go to ChatGPT right now and ask it to,

“Write a tagline about a travel website” or “Write an about us for a website or blog.”
Why is ChatGPT Dumb?

The odds of it using words such as “Embark, Discover, Explore, your go-to source” is 7 out of 10. Even though it’s an AI, or “Artificial intelligence,” theoretically, it should think on its own, but it’s far from thinking on its own. That’s why ChatGPT is predictable.

Use of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is not ready to take over a human. It’s good but not good enough. Think of ChatGPT as a teacher. For example,

Let’s say you are a web developer, just starting out. You want to make your title red when you hover over it, but you don’t know how. So you can ask ChatGPT for help.

Use of ChatGPT

ChatGPT will explain and give you the CSS code for it. But if you ask ChatGPT to build a website for you, it will fail miserably.


You can ask ChatGPT to write you an article about anything, and it will do a great job at writing you one, but it only has limited data to work with.

Let’s say you ask ChatGPT to write an article about

“How to drink water?”

It will write you an article about how to drink water and try its best to make your articles unique and sound human. But when 1000 people ask it to write the same articles, ChatGPT will basically paraphrase the same articles into 1000 copies.

Eventually, all articles will start to sound the same. That’s why it’s really easy to detect AI content. Paraphrasing doesn’t make anything unique; it just makes a copy of the original from a different perspective.

AI is so popular nowadays that even google will show your AI-generated articles in search results. But as we said. AI-generated articles are not original. It’s just a copy of original articles, and google will always try to show “original” content over “AI-generated content”.

If you are interested in a topic and are thinking about starting a blog on it, it’s best to use your own words instead of using AI to generate articles for you. You can still use ChatGPT to ask for ideas and how to improve your writing, but don’t let ChatGPT replace you. Cause it can’t.

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