How To Sell Backlinks as A Gig

If you thinking about selling backlinks as a gig but don’t know where to begin this is the guide for you. In this article, I’ll show you how to sell backlinks as a gig for a beginner without any special skills using a simple tool call Money Robot.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks are like little roads that’s connecting your website with other websites. When someone clicks on those backlinks it takes them to visit your website. So the more roads (backlinks) you have the more visitors you’ll get on your own website.

Step 1

Visit and download the Money Robot application. After downloading the application install the app on your PC.

How To Sell Backlinks as A Gig

Step 2

Open the Money Robot app and click “You don’t have an account? Click Here”

Enter your email and click “Create Account” You can use a temp email if you want.

Step 3

Open your email address and you should receive an email from Money Robot with your License Key. Something like this

Now use your email address and your password (Your license key) to login into your Money Robot account.

Step 4

Click on Settings>Proxy>Enable Money Robot Proxy System and Click Save

Step 5

Now create a “New Task” and chose what type of backlinks you want to create.

Step 6

Now you can create new backlinks, for example, Web 2.0

  • Write about your website (or your client’s website) in the “About me section”
  • Enter your website URL in the.
  • And click on “Spin Articles” so it creates an auto-generated new post for each backlink.
How To Sell Backlinks as A Gig
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